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The Ins and Outs of Project Binding

Project Center offers a variety of book printing services for your creative and professional project needs. If you have never worked with a printing or binding company before, you may have some questions about the many binding options available. Here is a brief overview to help you decide which options work best for you.

Perfect Binding

In general, paperback books are bound together by a method known as Perfect Binding. The spines of books bound together this way are usually at least 1/4 inch thick, which means that text can be legibly printed on them.

Hand Work

Hand work literally means that human hands are needed to complete a project; in other words, the work could not be finished by a machine.   Hand work may refer to packaging, die-cutting, binding, etc. Generally, when human hands are required, projects will take longer and workers will need to be compensated, so it’s natural for the cost of a project to go up in these cases.

Reinforced Edges

When putting together presentation folders, many people prefer reinforced edges, which means that the sides of the folder have been scored, folded and glued. This makes the folder sturdier and more durable.

Because this process generally requires "handwork" (see above), folders with reinforced edges can cost more than those without.

Corner Stapling (and Alternatives)

Customers sometimes request their flyer packets or booklets to be bound by corner stapling. This is an excellent option for those who desire to keep costs down, but for optimal presentation, corner stapling is not recommended.

If you want a cleaner look for your project, consider other methods such as tape binding, comb binding, velo binding, coil binding, saddle stitch, etc. These options provide a more polished and presentable appearance for your professional materials.

diagram of common binding options

Other Finishing Services

Coating and Lamination

UV coating is a surface treatment which protects the underlying material from harmful ultraviolet effects. UV can be applied on spot locations of the paper. This coating application can also deepen the color of the printed area. Lamination is a process by which a project is covered in a plastic film, and can prevent it from becoming creased, sun damaged, wrinkled, stained, smudged, greasy, fingerprinted, etc.

Die Cutting

Die cutting is a metalworking process where a die is used to cut stock in formations that cannot be achieved with straight cut blades.

examples of die cutting


Our bindery can custom fold virtually any project. Here is list of common folds for your reference:

diagram of folding techniques

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